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The Insole Breakdown

Which One is Right for You?

OrthoFlexx Arch Support Insoles

High Arch Support Insoles

We recommend the these insoles if you have fallen arches or flat feet and need firm arch support.

They are designed to provide extra support to improve posture, balance and stability, and they are perfect for those who need additional and firm support to alleviate foot pain.

Feature high arch elevation of 1.38" / 3.5cm

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OrthoFlexx Arch Support Insoles

Mid Arch Support Insoles

For those who have pain in the ball of the foot, such as Metatarsal pain or Morton's Neuroma, these limited-edition Insoles are a great choice.

These insoles feature an extra metatarsal cushion and arch support for balance and stability.

They are also ideal for people who walk long distances or stand for extended periods.

Feature moderate arch elevation of 1.2" / 3cm

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OrthoFlexx Arch Support Insoles

Light Arch Support Insoles

Designed to provide a layer of comfort to your shoes and relieve fatigue.

If you have tried other arch support insoles and found them uncomfortable, the Light Arch Support Insoles are a great option.

They are an excellent option for those who want to add extra support and cushioning without the discomfort of excessive arch support.

Feature light arch elevation of of 1.1" / 2.8cm

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