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About Us

Hey there, welcome to OrthoFlexx!

Our founders, like you, were on a quest for comfort and sweet relief from foot pain, and guess what? They found it right under their feet - with insoles! Launched in 2020, our store isn’t just a business; it’s a passion project born from personal experience and a desire to help others step into comfort.

Collaborating with foot care pros - think physiotherapists, podiatrists, and physical therapists - we don't just sell insoles; we create foot-saving superheroes based on actual knowledge and testing.

At OrthoFlexx™, we're all about mixing professional insight with real-life experience to bring you insoles that make every step a joy.

Your happy feet are our top priority. We're here to make sure that from the moment you browse our store to that first blissful step with your new insoles, you have the best experience possible.

Get ready to conquer foot pain with a smile, one step at a time!

KloudStep Supportive Insoles

Marlene Carvalho

Certified Sports Physiotherapist of Elite and Olympic athletes; Performance Coach to racing drivers

KloudStep Supportive Insoles

Inês Pinheiro

Certified Physiotherapist for Shoulder and Knee Injuries


Kamila W.

Customer Experience Representative

KloudStep Supportive Insoles

André Babosa

Founder & Head Of Growth

KloudStep Supportive Insoles

Mona Al-Ariqi

Digital Marketing Strategist